I do a lot of bitching on this blog. It's kind of my niche. But I'm not this angry, foaming-at-the-mouth person all day long...really...most of the time, I'm actually happy!

So to balance the flood of constant complaining and ranting that I've done recently, I thought I'd give you a glimpse of some of the things that are making me smile:


Words cannot describe how fun this game is. I'm not into these types of games at all, (you choose between a Worker, Ranger, Warrior, Priest, Mage) but for whatever reason, this game makes me smile! I think it's the fun, cartoony art style (it looks like a BLOODTASTIC version of Animal Crossing) and the fact that it gives the old game of "capture the flag" a unique twist...in that the "flag" each team has to capture is a princess.

...and in order to make the princess harder for the other team to capture, you feed her cake to weigh her down...

Seriously, it's not going to win any sensitivity awards, but dammit, it's a lot of fun!


The first Wii game I've bought...all year long?! The damn Wii is more "novelty" than "incredible video game system," but once in a while, we all gather around it and spend a night playing a video game the same as we'd play "Sorry" or "Candy Land."

Wii Sports Resort has been that game lately. Whereas I play Fat Princess when Molly and Lex have fallen asleep, this game is something we all enjoy. Lex likes to "Sword Fight" and "Skydive" and Molly and I could spend an entire evening playing "Archery." The game comes with a new "Motion Control" sensor, that gives the gets the movement ratio closer to true 1 to 1.

On some events, like "Basketball," the slightest flick of your wrist can determine whether you sink the shot or bounce it off the rim. It's scarily accurate, and quite addictive!


This one is my all time favorite book from my childhood. I read it to him just about nightly now. I'll have to videotape him "reading" it back to me...he tries to match my voices and how I get so excited and scared at parts...it's the most adorable thing ever!

This book is one that Molly and I had never even heard of, and she just bought it at a "Scholastic Book Fair" at Lex's daycare, cause the cover looked neat. It's a very deep story that goes over Lex's head, but I love reading. The artwork inside changes each time the Panda tells the children a story, and is absolutely gorgeous.

One of my favorites from grad school. Perfect for Lex, since he starts Kindergarten in a couple of weeks and needs to shape up and listen to his teacher! (Or else she'll become Ms. Viola Swamp!!!"


I know, I'm like a year and a half late on this one...but for far too long, I wrote these guys off as a lame Southern Rock group. They kept on making catchy singles, and eventually (after hearing "Sex on Fire" a billion times) I broke down and bought one of their albums. It's damn good from start to finish, and as I just read in Entertainment Weekly, it looks like a REMIXED version is going to be coming out in the Fall, with remixes from Justin Timberlake and Trent Reznor!

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laura said...

The Monster at the End of This Book is one of my favorite books from childhood too! I actually just gave it to a friends daughter for her birthday. Also, if you're enjoying Kings if Leon, you should pick up Aha Shake Heartbreak. It's my favorite of theirs.