Barney Frank stands up to the loons and actually "reads the bill" to those who supposedly "read the bill" and yet know nothing about it.
Embedded video from CNN Video

And words cannot describe how angry this video makes me. A Jewish man is talking to a local news crew about the health care system in Israel, after a town hall rally finished up there. When out of nowhere a woman shouts out "HEIL HITLER!" I swear to God:

Other things that get my blood boiling in that video. #1: The two male douchebags who rush over with their arms crossed PROTECTING the fucking bitch who just told this Jew to "Heil Hitler" and #2: The woman's reaction to the man's story about how he got a bill for $2,000. She literally puts her hands up to her eyes and goes, "Waaaaaaaaah..."

Fuck it. No more "negotiating" with these people. It's pointless. I say use reconciliation and forgo needing a single Republican's vote. It's painfully obvious that they don't want to reach any sort of agreement that isn't "NO!" Let them take their ball and go on home...we got shit to deal with and these racist, childish games aren't helping anyone. (or their cause...a recent poll found that only 21% "Approve" of the GOP's handling of the health care, versus 62% who disapprove!)

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