Wow. This guy got himself a visit from the Secret Service. His sign also read, "Death to Michelle and her two stupid kids."

It's getting to the point where these people are going to start getting dangerous. (some already are) And when that happens, do you want to be able to say, "I stood up to these goons and called them out for being wrong" or do you want to keep on saying, "The First Black President is going to destroy this country and make us all Marxists?!"

It's your choice. But know that right now, right here at this very moment, it's not too late to realize which side is trying to have a debate about serious topics and which side is obviously just pissed off that Obama is President. Period. Nothing he could ever do would be enough for these people. They're not interested in working on solutions...they're too busy "wanting our country back!"

And do you blame them? You've spent the past couple of years making him into the mother fucking boogey man. Now you get to sit back and reap what you sow. Hope you're proud of yourself.

Meanwhile the rest of us suffer the consequences.

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hell said...

i want to visit america but more and more Bowie was right when he sang "i'm afraid of americans". are you people going nuts?