Yet ANOTHER wacko, paranoid, racist gunman walked into a building and killed numerous people yesterday.

Oh, and posted his entire thought process online, for all of us to get a better sense of his state of mind.

Now, I know what you're saying, "But Travis, it's just a mere coincidence that every fucking time some nutjob grabs loaded weapons and starts killing innocent people, they spew shit about the "Liberal Media" or "Negros." But you're wrong.

And if you think that this will be the last one, the last time your side will have to answer for bloodshed, think again. These insane mother fuckers are growing in numbers. All your ranting and raving that "Socialism" and "Needing to take our country back" have consequences.

Just look at the number of threats the President gets daily. (It's up 400% from George W. Bush!)

How much more needless killing will have to occur before you realize that we're ALL Americans, and feeding the fringe elements of your party, by making Obama out to be Karl Marx, or trying to claim that he wasn't even born in the United States, creates a hostility...an anger...that can only be solved by the barrel of a gun?!

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