...and I need to be turned off before I force my family to eat soup for the rest of the week. I need help, HELP I tell you!!!

So far I've bought:

Here's a confession, I am a Bob Dylan junkie. I've sold plasma and some babies on the black market to buy his records and see him in concert. The man is a genuis and the music he writes, the LYRICS that flow out of this man will be around for centuries to come. MASTERS OF WAR...what a powerful song. HARD RAIN'S A GONNA FALL...simply mindblowing. This is another CD in the series of Bootleg releases and has tons of live and alternative takes on much of his more popular songs.

Haven't had a chance to listen to this yet, and even though it's been getting mixed reviews, I wanted to check it out. Although I must say, it's due time for another POSTAL SERVICE record mother fuckers!!!

I've also bought songs off iTunes from Ben Folds, and new singles from upcoming releases by Neil Young and Ryan Adams.

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