Um, I dunno about you, but the flooding down South is really really really depressing. People are going to homeless for at LEAST months on out. Hundreds, probably THOUSANDS are feared dead. But you know what really depresses me?! Our President, GEORGE WALKER BUSH had to cancel his vacation two days EARLY!!! Sniff. Sniff. He only had four weeks and five days of vacation...poor bastard.

But, folks please, I've been told numerous times that just because the President is on vacation doesn't mean he's not working!!! And that's totally true, cause yesterday, as the levee broke and 80% of New Orleans was underwater, here's what our Commander in Chief was doing...

That's right, he's busting out some FREEEEEEEEBIRD! Cause fuck you, I'm on vacation!!!

But not now...poor lil' man.

(link for photo:http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/050830/480/capm10208301856)

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