(Note...these didn't all come out in 2005, but since I read them in 2005, they count. So NYAH!)


This was my favorite ongoing comic in 2005. A rock band that also fought monsters and crazy shit! It was fun and adventurous and best of all, the art was jaw droppingly beautiful! So simple, so clean, so crisp! Makes me wish I had talent like that.


A incredible journey of Loren Foster through his Senior year in high school, getting caught up in seamy friendships, trying crystal meth, commiting petty crime and trying to get the girl of his dreams to even notice he's alive. A debut graphic novel from R. Kikuo Johnson, who does an amazing job capturing the story's setting of Maui, Hawaii. You feel as if you're right alongside Loren as he goes through the trials of "what the fuck am I supposed to do with my life NOW?!" My pick as BOOK OF THE YEAR.


Daniel Clowes, the creator of GHOST WORLD and EIGHTBALL, creates an interesting mix of intertwining characters and stories that result in a sad, haunting, funny and absurd tale. It's told in numerous art styles that range from Sunday Funnies to bare necessities. It takes you a little while to realize that the different characters and the different styles are all tied together, but once it starts falling into place, things really get interesting.


Yes, a graphic novel about Superman makes it onto my BEST BOOKS OF 2005 list. You have no idea how amazing and powerful this book is until you read it for yourself. The author, Steven T. Seagle, struggles with the fact he is asked to write a Superman story. He's got issues with the character. The costume, the ideals, the flawless nature of "The Man Of Steel." But most of all, the fact that Superman is connected to a very painful memory of his past. This book isn't really even about Superman, but the author's family secret of Huntington's disease. If you haven't read a comic in a long while (or ever) I'd suggest picking this up. The art is fantastic and totally different than most of the other shit on the stands these days. And best of all, it's a grown up story of looking at these silly superheroes in a real sense of meaningfulness and purpose. I'm telling you, you'll love it.


Not as good as LIES AND THE LYING LIARS THAT TELL THEM, but this one was a strong follow-up. First half, basically just went through what happened in 2004 with turning Kerry into a terrorist sympathizer with the help of the Swift Boats and Karl Rove and the second half focuses on what's going on currently. A funny and entertaining read.


This book grabs you with the first chapter and doesn't let go. It's a surreal story of a National Guardsman who is called up for duty on his Honeymoon...only months away from completing his time served. He's thrown into Iraq and spends most of his time guarding Gas Stations and watching Iraqi children fight each other. But there are some tense moments, that will have you on the edge of your seat. It does a good job of not letting you know what's around the corner and what's going to happen next. An excellent and quick read.

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