Porn Assignment Canceled After Parents Complain

BROOKLYN, Ohio (Jan. 13) - A high school assignment to research and write about Internet pornography was canceled after parents complained, the school's superintendent said.

The 14- and 15-year-old students at Brooklyn High School, outside of Cleveland, Ohio, were asked to research pornography on the Internet and list eight facts about it. They were also asked to write about their personal view toward the subject and their experience with it.

Superintendent Jeff Lampert said that although the teacher's goal to discuss the harmful effects of pornography was well-intentioned, he agreed with parents that the assignment was inappropriate for students.

Lampert said he doubted the teacher would face punishment.


My favorite is the "List eight facts about it" part! What in the hell could those be?! "The monthly charges are about as high as my house payment?!" "When it says 'Teenagers' it's mostly just women in their forties with their hair in pigtails?!"

See, I can only come up with TWO!!!

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