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Nick Cave Tries His Hand At Film

Australian singer/songwriter Nick Cave is best known for his violent lyrics and legions of black-clad fans, but his latest incarnation is as screenwriter of a gritty Australian western.

When Cave sat down to write "The Proposition," he never actually thought it would get made. He wrote the script in three weeks with nothing more to go on than the basic scenario of the film.

"I was determined not to spend inordinate amounts of time on something I felt would fundamentally never get made," the artist says. "I just sat down and banged it out in the spirit of those old Hollywood guys," said Cave, who studied art before turning to music in the 1980s and becoming the archetypal goth singer with his bands the Birthday Party and later the Bad Seeds.

The film ultimately did get made after director John Hillcoat was able to piece together financing for the project. "The Proposition" stars Guy Pearce as outlaw Charlie Burns, who is captured with his 14-year-old brother Mikey. He is told by the local police captain the only way to save Mikey from the gallows is to track down and kill their older brother Arthur, a psychotic renegade wanted for rape and murder. The movie screened this week at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, and opens in U.S. theaters in May.


Jamie S. Rich said...

Cave and longtime Bad Seed Warren Ellis also did the score, which is pretty good and very dark and moody.

Travis said...

gimme gimme GIMME!!!!

Jamie S. Rich said...

You mean in payment for all the times you hooked *me* up. Thanks for that Low track off the Beatles tribute by the way. Except, not. ;)