Originally, Darren Aronofsky wanted to direct a major motion picture based on a story he had written about a husband who will do anything to save his wife from dying of Cancer. When the studios ended up shuting the production down in 2002, he made sure and secured the graphic novel rights. One way or another, he was going to get this story to an audience. Along the way of working on the comic, he rethought the idea of having to make a "huge Hollywood movie" and decided that The Fountain could still be told using a smaller budget and tighter script.

Cut to the Fall of 2006 and the audience having two pieces of this amazing story at their disposal. Seen as a "director's cut" of the feature film about to hit theaters soon, the graphic novel just hit store shelves yesterday. I finished reading it on my lunchbreak today and cannot give it enough praise. Sure, it's a lil' confusing, but any love story that spans 1000 years demands a second look. The themes of "eternal life" and "eternal love" are the driving force and overlap any of the time shifts.

You can read the first 14 pages here.

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