This past week has just been like one reeeeeeally bad dream. It started with my Nana calling to tell me that my Papa's cancer had spread to his Liver. Then, last night, my Father calls and tells me that during his MRI, the doctors found four tumors on his brain. He underwent chemo and radiation about 2 1/2 years ago on one single tumor on his brain. He never lost any hair...never lost much weight...honestly you couldn't even tell the man had brain surgery.

Now this. Four tumors. We have no idea what stage they're in, but it really doesn't matter. This is so sad, so depressing. I just want to go back to making jokes and linking to youtube. And I probably will in a couple of days. But for now, I'll just be off moping in the corner.


Anonymous said...

good luck man.

They just found some lumps in my moms breast, and it's fucking scary.

I hope everything runs it's course quickly and nothing bad happens.


Jamie S. Rich said...

Yikes. I'm so sorry to hear that. My best to you.