Wonder which side is going to win? On one side, you have organizations such as:

American Association for Cancer Research
American Diabetes Association
Christopher Reeve Foundation
Lance Armstrong Foundation
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research
National Brain Tumor Foundation

...and on and on and on...

On the other side you have:

...well...a list of physicians. No groups or foundations, but individuals. In fact I called the organization behind the VOTE NO ON AMENDMENT 2 here in Missouri and was told, "We have tons of support, but would rather focus on the important aspects of what the Amendment does instead of the 'back & forth' of who we have and who they have."

So let's do that. I'm not going to post the entire Amendment here, but you can read it for yourself and then meet me back here. Go ahead...I'll wait.

Done? Cool. Did you happen to see the very first (1) where they say in plain English, "No person may clone or attempt to clone a human being." So what the hell is "nocloning.org" about?

It's the same bullshit that got Bush re-elected back in 2004. "Sure, Kerry got war medals, but he's not going to defend this country!" It's the magical trick of turning a pure, simple, cold, hard fact and giving it an ounce of doubt. NO CLONING. It says so right there in the Amendment. Yet, as I type this, there are ads running on radio and television telling people that Amendment 2 will allow human cloning. It's false and a dirty political trick. Hell, even our Senator (running for re-election himself) Jim Talent said so on his Meet The Press debate:

Here's the deal. I can deal with the arguement that you are against Stem Cell Research because you feel it's killing a human life. I don't agree with it, in fact even though I actually have a child, if he was sick and we needed to destroy a petri dish in order to save him...I'd have the lazerbeams out and not even bat an eye about "killing" something. You know what I consider "life?" Breathing, smiling, and pooping. So spare me the theatrics of "all of life's creatures." Because I care more of those who have actual LIVED rather than those on stand-by.

But this smear campaign isn't even running on the idea of "saving human lives!" They're scaring people into thinking that a vote for Stem Cell Research is a vote for cloning. It's all a ruse to make us some zomibes. It's fucking sick and these poor bastards should know better.

My Father is currently fighting brain cancer. Numerous tumors inside of his brain as we speak are close to affecting his vision, his motor skills, his ability to remain "himself." There's little (besides chemo and radiation) that doctors can do for him. Nothing is suggesting that Stem Cells would even be used to save him in any sort of way...and yet, we don't know. Why turn our backs on science? Why limit ourselves to using only the resources that we currently have in our grasps?

People are always going to be against new scientific procedures. We're always going to be asking ourself, "Are we playing God?" But you know, we'd all be dead around age 30 if it wasn't for our ability to USE the talents that God gave us in order to enrich our lives.

I might not know exactly know when life "begins." However, I know for a fact when life ends...and the least we can hope for is that it's painless, quick, and that you're able to go out with your dignity.

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