...over Geraldo Rivera of all people?! This was seriously the craziest video I've seen in awhile...I was expecting BillO to take a swing at Mr. Mustache for a second there!!!

Too bad they get all ass-kissy at the end. What is with Fox and having to say "we're FAIR & BALANCED" all the time?! I can say I'm a Pretty Pretty Princess all day long, but it doesn't make it true...



Jamie S. Rich said...

How weird is it to be on Geraldo's side? I guess his years of dealing with douchebags on his own show paid off finally, since he doesn't back off a second in the face of the ridiculous rage.

Travis said...

Yeah, that's the worst feeling ever...agreeing with Geraldo. But, I remember the Katrina coverage (before Bush and the National Guard showed up) and Geraldo holding little babies saying, "I have a baby at home! This is unexcusable! These people need help! I can't believe this is happening in the United States!!!" So, he does have moments of greatness...before the brainwashing control takes back over and he praises Fox News and Bill O'Reilly for being so awesome and "fair."

Here's another lovely clip of BillO...he's spewing hate and venom at Rosie for saying that she believes a conspiracy was involved on 9-11. Telling America, "You can't have people on TV making anti-American remarks…accusing your own government of murder!" But when he was on Inside Editon, he did a whole segment on the Administration's involvement with the death of JFK: