A BBC special about the Fred Phelps church (the "God Hates Fags" idiots)

Having lived in Kansas City all my life, I'm somewhat immune to the shit that these people spew. Although, this reporter was able to get amazing access to everything they go through in order to just get a rise out of people. It's an interesting (and disturbing) documentary. Although, keep this in the back of your mind as you watch it. They've been doing this shit for over a few decades now. Only recently did they become this "National Nightmare" when they started protesting military funerals. For waaaaaaaay too long, these fuckers got a blind eye turned towards them when they simply would pull this "God Hates Fags" shit on actual homosexuals.

This is only the 1st of 7 videos. Click on the video to bring up the other 6.


Jason Arnett said...

Phelps and his group have been a fixture on the KU campus for twenty years. This week is Pride week and the Gay & Lesbian groups have found the perfect way to fight off his protests: they raise money from the crowd for every minute the Phelps group protests. Once the protestors realized the tables had turned, they stopped coming.

Now we can enjoy watching the annual drag show (which is really, really fun, by the way) and Phelps' group hasn't shown up for three years, I think. Makes the cops' jobs of crowd control a lot easier and everyone's a lot happier.

I hate these fucks. I hate acknowledging them. You know the most embarrassing moment was when he protested the beating death in Wyoming wearing a KU ballcap.


Makes my skin crawl. And I hate that they can make me hate.

Ryanetics said...

They are seriously fucking retarded. They tried coming to Athens once to protest a soldier's funeral and a bunch of bikers ran them out of town.