This is less an album and more a mind-fuck. It's a collage of sound and lyrical genuis. The year is 0000, for you see after "The Presence" touched down from the Heavens, we started over. (that's what the album cover is a snapshot of)

The album itself is fantastic. Trent Reznor is more focused and precise than ever before. But the web campaign he created to go along with the simple act of listening to the music is what is truly amazing. USB drives left in restrooms during his European tour started it all. Websites created to gather information about you and, in turn, turn you into the Government.

In fact, inside the booklet is a website that asks for your name an phone number. As soon you enter it (perhaps because the album isn't officially out until tomorrow) your phone will ring and you'll be asked to give the "password." If done correctly, the computer screen will instantly change and begin flashing as the woman on the phone tells you that you're now under Government Surveillance. It's a neat trick and helps sell you on a not-too-distant future and what happens when the "Thought Police" take over. There's also a phone number on the back of the album:

If that's not cool enough for you, check this photo out. When you buy the CD from the store, it's black and dull...but after spinning it in your CD player, it becomes white and has binary code writen on it. Which spells out another website within the online experience. I'm telling you, some thought when into this...


Jason Arnett said...

This album is fucking fantastic. It will be the FIRST, yes FIRST, Nine Inch Nails record I have ever bought. I've been listening to it online ever since Warren Ellis pointed it out, and it's just amazing.

And thanks for all the information on this record. I think 'amazing' is the word that will just fit really nicely in regards to this one.

hell said...

yeap THIS is problably the album of the year :) fantastic work by Trent Reznor and these added bonus on the net are great.