As Ryan (that bastard who always beats me on posting the same thing) points out, tonight's Desmond-centric LOST is co-written by Brian K. Vaughan! Brian is a master comic book writer who wrote one of my favorite books of last year, Pride of Baghdad.

Entertainment Weekly's own Jeff "Doc" Jensen always offers a peek of the latest episode and today gives us an interesting theory as well. Here's a sample:


In which Doc Jensen attempts to offer some juicy insight about tonight's episode, ''Catch-22,'' without spoiling an hour of television that deserves an audience of untainted, questioning minds.

So what can I say? What should I say?

Well, it's a Desmond episode, and a very good one at that. And while the story lacks the mythic wallop of last week's crucial Juliet installment, by the end you will understand why it is an important story for Lost to tell. Keep your eyes peeled for the Easter egg in one of the final scenes — it'll throw you for a loop. And yes, I just gave you a clue. (Don't worry if you miss it — I'll tell you all about it tomorrow morning in the EW.com TV Watch recap.)

I can tell you a little bit more. In ''Catch-22,'' you'll bear witness to some sweaty sex on the beach, a shocking act of bloody violence, and a rousing debate between Hurley and Charlie about which superhero is faster: Superman or the Flash. The latter element captures the genius of ''Catch-22,'' as you can choose to interpret this fanboy throwdown in one of two ways: an amusing exercise in Tarantino-esque pop-culture riffing, or a densely loaded clue.

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