Tune in to tonight's REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER as Bill welcomes Dana Carvey, Fmr. Sen. Bill Bradley (D-NJ), Scott McClellan and via satellite Sheryl Crow, Laurie David and Rev. Al Sharpton. HBO (10pm Central, 11pm Coasts)

Besides having Scotty Boy actually sitting in on the panel (wow, will he answer anything or just keep saying "no comment?") it'll be interesting to see Bill talk to Al Sharpton. I know for a fact that Bill's not big on people getting fired over making one lame comment (considering him getting booted off of ABC for saying that if anyone's "cowards" in the War on Terror, it's not the ones who fly planes into buildings, but the ones who shoot missles from hundreds of miles away.) So seeing him go up against Al "put me on TV again" Sharpton sill be delightful...

Here's the highlight of the night:


Jason Arnett said...

We'll talk tomorrow, because I have to tape it. I'm old and go to bed early.

But really, I can't wait for this one.

Anonymous said...

that shit was amazing


Ryanetics said...

Yeah, it was killer. Big time. His rant on the value of being elite was dead fucking on. I am really tired of intelligence being crapped on by those who rule by fear.

Anonymous said...

I thought the end of the Al SHarpton interview was fuckin amazing...when al bringsu p Bills homosexual remarks as being offensive and Bill instantly quips "I didn't know you were gay" fucking amazingly funny.