...but bad for America.

Glenn Beck has become a parody of himself and it only took a couple of months. The sad thing is, people who are desperate, needing a quick fix to make themselves feel better about their own struggles, watch this ridiculous act and think they're supposed to "STAND UP AND DO SOMETHING!!!" But in reality, it's just a sideshow...a joke on these poor, hapless souls, who were already paranoid and on edge to begin with.

Did you see how insanely quick Beck went from yelling at the top of his voice, pounding the table, to smiling and laughing at the guy covered in water?! He can turn on the ANGER with the flip of a switch and then go right back to being the "rodeo clown" he pretends to be once people start shooting cops cause he kinda-sorta told his viewers that Obama was going to take their guns away.


Jamie S. Rich said...

It was only a couple of months ago that Ann Coulter was labeling liberals as bullies who were playing the victim...maybe she had confused Fox News for MSNBC?

Anonymous said...

wow, i'll admit that i kind of liked beck, when he was on headline news, yeah i hated most of his ideas, but he was kind of funny, but now that he's at fox, i just have to say.....scary

although on the inside, i just wish soemone that appears in any of the fox news interviews or rush limbaugh, just slamms them with their response to liberals, when bush was cricized, "why do you hate america so much".

that's going to be so funny