Even though I had to squeeze in a haircut and making sure I got home in time to pick Molly up before we headed out to Amanda and Kevin's house to have dinner and watch Lost, I HAD to drive downtown and catch a glimpse of the Tea Bag Party!!!

If you had trouble finding the place (seriously, it was at Liberty Memorial, how could you fucking MISS IT?!) there were guys walking around holding signs to direct you to the festivities.

While there were more people there than I figured (I got there right at 4, when the thing started) there wasn't 4,000-5,000 as the organizers stated today in the newspaper. Perhaps a TON more people showed up after I had left, but while I was there, I'd say the figure was much closer to 1,500 or so.

People brought their kids, which I thought was kind of odd. I mean, I took Lex to see Barack Obama speak at Liberty Memorial (which had *ahem* a turnout in the 70,000's or so) but that wasn't a protest...it was a chance to see the future President of the United States in person. I've never gone to a war protest or a gay rights protest before, but if I did, I don't think I'd feel comfortable bringing my son along.

Especially not to hold a sign and let him be used as some sort of political prop.

There were a lot of signs concerning taxes, which I felt were odd. Isn't Obama LOWERING taxes on 95% of Americans? Perhaps these two are making more than $250,000 a year...somehow I doubt it.

Some of these people seemed out of place. NO MORE WARS?! Are you kidding me? These people LOVE their wars!!! They have no problem with spending trillions on blowing people up...it's wanting to help people pay their bills or allow them to keep their jobs that they have a problem with!

A PEACE SIGN?! AND A RAINBOW ONE AT THAT?! I'll be surprised if this person made it out alive.

This guy was having so much fun, he gave himself TWO boners!

...but I know what you're saying. "Travis, where are the reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally crazy people at? The ones that make your head spin and your eyes cross and your teeth hurt?" Well, look no further...

Yes, that's a fetus...SMOKING?! I'm guessing he's protesting the fact that his baby can't afford cigarettes cause Obama taxes them too much?! Wow. You can't argue with that...don't even try.

...and my absolute favorite...

First off, I want it to be known (in case this photo gets out there running wild on the internets) that the kid drinking the Dr. Pepper IS NOT the one holding this sign. That poor kid just got dragged there by his parents and happened to wander into this shot.

Secondly, I've stared at this photo for hours on end and STILL can't make sense of it. Green is Red. What the fuck does that even mean? And the watermelon thing? I mean, that has NO OTHER REASON to be on there besides our President is black, right? Am I missing something?

There's more photos over there on my Flickr account. I almost wished I could have stayed longer and listened to them chant and shout out phrases, but since I got there when it had barely started, they were pretty much just standing around and staring at one another. It was really pretty lame.


Lee said...

Let me take a crack at this one, if I may. I think the "Green is Red" slogan implies that the "Green Movement" is secretly just hidden Communism ("red"), and the watermelon is supposed to be some sort of illustration of that (?).

As for the green lettering being red, and the red lettering being green. There's a kind of moronic zen to it that is pretty amazing.

Travis said...

Hmmm, perhaps you're onto something.

I figured it was more of a "I wanna put a watermelon or some fried chicken on my protest sign" and then they came up with some nonsense phrase in order to "justify" it.