They are so off-the-wall crazy and fearful and scared shitless of Obama and liberals...and it's only been like 10 WEEKS?! Imagine how fucking nuts they're going to be a couple years from now.

First up, Jon Stewart lays out how fucking ridiculous the "Socialism, Facisim, Communism" talk really has gotten lately...

The quote that nails it on the head, "I think you might be confusing "tyranny" with "losing."

Then, just today, this hillllllllarious new ad for NationForMarriage.org started making the rounds on the internets and soon televisions...

Seriously. That's not a parody. That's a REAL ad that they're REALLY going to air on TV and think that REAL people aren't going to REALLY laugh their asses off.

"My freedom will be taken away."

"I will have no choice."

"The storm is coming..."

But my favorite is the douche at the end, informing us all that a "Rainbow Coalition" is forming to stand for love and marriage. Um, first off, "Rainbow Coalition" is the name of Jesse Jackson's non-profit organization, and secondly, it sounds really, really gay.


Ellie's Momma said...

That marriage ad didn't even make sense...my freedom will be taken away? How? Funny how they just made claims like that without validating them at all.

laura said...

I think they meant to run the ad in Bizarro world. What a nonsensical piece of crap.

Kevin said...

That's some scary (Bleep)

Travis said...

I know, I was hoping one of those "examples" would finally reveal the dirty, dark secret of why we shouldn't allow homosexuals to unite in marriage...

...and instead some doctor out in California is going to have to choose between her job and her faith?!

What?! Huh?!

They just completely pulled this ad out of their ass in hopes of scaring the country into doing SOMETHING before every state in the union lets homoz marry. But they have nothing to base it on, so they use lightning and fear.

(on a side note, did any of you play the "Spot the homosexuals" as the ad was running? I mean, if that one fat woman with the short haircut isn't a bull dyke, I'll go to this website tomorrow and donate $100.)