Jesus Tapdancin' Christ...imagine Fox News 100 days from now!!!


Kevin said...

You say it enough, and people will begin to believe it.

Travis said...

Yeah, but amazingly it's just not working this time. I mean, how many times in this clip did they point out, "Uh oh, looks like the honeymoon's over!" and yet Obama's popularity still remains high?! Same with all the Socialism and Facists talk...it just really never caught on outside of the small fringe of people who hated Obama from the beginning.

I think as a nation, we've finally realized that it's okay to not have to play to the lowest common denominator ALL the time...and there's no need to be in such a constant state of panic and fear.

Look at the people (Obama even got a question about it last night at his press conferenece) screaming and waving their arms about "Let's close the border!!!" because of the Swine Flu...it's not gaining nearly the traction it would have under the Bush Administration because we have a President that instead of playing to people's emotions and paranoias, chooses to tell the American public, "Wash your hands and cover your cough."

It's refreshing to say the least and makes Fox News more and more irrelevant. (Obama didn't even bother calling on their reporter last night! And honestly, after watching that clip, is it any wonder why?)