Here's the deal for all you haters out there, telling me to quit picking on McCain. I'll stop bringing up the stupid shit he does when he quits doing stupid shit.


I was off work today, and spent most of it playing De Blob, away from the computer...so when I watched Countdown and heard that McCain was suspending his campaign and wanting to delay the Friday debate, I thought it was a joke. Surely he's not that stupid? Surely he knows the media and late-night talk show hosts are going to have a FIELD DAY with that kind of insanely ridiculous decision...

But no. It was true.

And boy, was Letterman all over him tonight:

He canceled on Dave to appear on Katie Couric's Evening News WHILE Letterman was taping!!! TV doesn't get any better than this, folks!

Sorry, John. Running for President is tough. Being President is even tougher. This ain't high school volleyball, you don't get a timeout if you're winded and behind on the score board.

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tinfella said...

yup i do agree with you,he has to be shitting us, i wonder if he's actually considering conceding the race before November 4th, or maybe it's one of his flawless ways of being condescending to voters, and thinking them stupid since his i got a woman for vice president scheme isn't working anymore.