That's the only thing missing from all of this nonsense. One extra quote that would have shined a light into what the hell John McCain could have possibly been thinking when he answered a question about meeting with the Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero, by talking about Mexico and other Latin America countries.



tinfella said...

I think you are highly mistaken my dear Travis, i mean who can contest senator's McCain understanding of the world, specially of Mexico, since he comes from one of the friendliest states to Hispanic immigrants, i mean they are pro illegal immigrants and despise the minutemen.

elBryan said...

Everyone has their own view of the way the world should be, and most listen for a politician to say what they want to hear or something diametrically opposed to that. If they don't hear their buzzwords, they assume the politician is confused, when in reality, it is themselves.

When McCain repeatedly dodged the questions about whether or not Spain was our ally, he was basically trying to say, "Not really," without pissing off Spain or the liberals in this country that wish we could suck as much as Europe.

Travis said...

Whoa...Spain ISN'T our ally?!

Um, since when?!

And I'm sorry, but he was confused. He kept talking about Latin Amercia as if Spain was located near Honduras or something. Buzzwords are one thing, but he was pulling a "In what respect, Charlie" on the interviewer.

elBryan said...

Spain hasn't been our ally since their train got bombed, so they pussied out and elected a socialist who ditched us in Iraq..

I didn't see the interview being referenced, but I read the DailyKos page you sourced.. The Democrat template for challenging McCain is to make him appear old, forgetful, weak and cranky.. Maybe he *was* confused, I just think some people might be a little too quick to accept anything that fits into the "McCain is an oldster, Obama is hip," template..

Anyway, there are issues to be concerned about, and then there is, "Can you name all of the current leaders of World Nations alphabetically?"

The President's job is to decide things, and he has experts and advisors who brief him on the issues prior to doing business.. I don't care if he doesn't know Nicolas Sarkozy as long as someone who works for him knows everything about him..

Travis said...

I'm concerned with your ability to call out countries for "pussing out" and no longer being considered allies.

You know, England is slowly pulling troops out of Iraq as well. Are they no longer an ally either?

What's our "Coalition of the Willing" up to nowadays? Us and Uzbekistan?!

elBryan said...

England didn't pull their troops out of Iraq when they were bombed... and Spain pulled out before the surge, so the comparrison doesn't apply.. We could have used Spain's help at the time of their withdrawal.. Even if it had just been symbollic support, and that they believed we were there for the right reasons would have been enough..

It's your blog, so I'll give you the last word... I see you posted a new topic, apolitical.. Sounds good to me..