Anonymous said...

Why would any independents support Obama when his supporters (like yourself) do everything you can to belittle his opponents?

All people like yourself are doing is pushing more and more people to McCain through your personal attacks and sarcasm. People can see that the Hope and Change Obama and his supporters promised are nothing but a cynical advertising jingle used to gain a few votes.

If you want to help your candidate, stop with the attacks and stick with the principles the campaign first espoused. Otherwise, its going to be McCain in the White House.

Travis said...

OK, first off, you want to leave a message on my blog, sign your damn name. If you can't let your views be known without hiding behind "anonymous" then maybe they don't hold much weight in the first place.

And yeah, I belittle McCain and Palin, because they deserve it. Especially Palin. Anyone who thinks she's actually qualified to be President AFTER watching her interview with Charles Gibson is either lying to themselves or believe they themselves should be president.

She didn't know what the BUSH DOCTRINE was. There's no more that needs to be said.

You can't toss the "Hope" and "Change" mantra at me and act like just because I'm supporting Obama's campaign, I'm supposed to be above the name-calling. I refuse to quit being sarcastic and making jokes simply because Obama himself wants to attempt to keep things honorable.

I've sat by for far too long, 19 straight months, watching the Republicans drag Obama through the mud.

Fuck that. I'm done keeping quiet, playing "nice." There's too much at stake, too many lies to push back against. Enough is enough.

Besides, what's worse? Comparing McCain to Grandpa Simpson or a Secret Muslim?

Anonymous said...

Even if someone from the McCain campaign said Obama was a Muslim(I'm not aware of anyone who has.), what difference does it make? Since when is calling someone a Muslim a slur? Obama himself has said he's a Christian and I'll take his word on it.

Why do you think Obama is so qualified to be President? Obama himself said in 2004 he didn't think a run for the Presidency in 2008 was a good idea:


As to the name calling and sarcasm, it's up to you. Look at the polls and the size of the McCain/Palin rallies to see what the continued personal attacks are doing to help the other side.

The Obama "attacks" seem to have been questioning his associations and trying to find out what the public record has shown who he is. The associations came to the front when everyone looked and saw there isn't much of a public record out there on him. Repeated efforts to access documents on his time in the state house were turned back because reporters were told no such records exist.

However, I've heard no one speculate whether his daughters are in fact his or not. I've heard no one question his ability to be President while having young children. I've heard few, if any, hard questions directed at Joe Biden and his record in the Senate.

All I have to say is if you look at Obama's record and his purported claims that he will bring a new climate of bipartisanship to Washington and compare it to the record, and you do the same with McCain, there isn't much of a comparison.

As to Palin's response to the Bush Doctrine, look at what the person who coined the phrase has to say about that:


It's fine to support your candidate. We'll likely have a difference of opinion on who we're voting for this year. But if you don't recognize that the Obama/Biden campaign is selling out the central reason they were running to begin with, you're going to be disappointed on November 5.

P.S. If you want me to sign my name, change your blogger setup so anonymous isn't an option. Based on the infrequency of the comments your blog is receiving, I'd recommend not doing that since it's likely to keep the number of comments even lower than they currently are.

Travis said...

Anonymous, seriously, if you're that scared to leave your name, then fuck off. I'd rather have no comments than people posting here while not having the balls to say who they are.

I'll respond to all your wonderful witty comments and insightful responses on a future post, since no one besides you and I are going to read this back-and-forth pissing contest.

elBryan said...

Anonymous, you are a troll. There is no moderator here to ban you, so let me just say that starting shit with people on their blogs is lame. You are not changing anyones mind, so why are you wasting your time?

I'm guessing that you don't know Travis and you probably just stumbled upon this blog while you were searching for pictures of Tony Snow.

I am a conservative leaning libertarian, and I am voting for McCain, but I don't think that people who are voting for Obama are idiots... they just have different priorities than me and you.

Travis and I talk politics occasionally, and even though we disagree, we don't call each other names.

As Travis pointed out, (when he assumed I was you) I need more comments on my myspace blog. Why don't you come tell me how smart I am because we both listen to Rush Limbaugh.