I've kind of been in a pissy, bitter mood today. Luckily, I have the internet and some free time (finally) to create a lil' list of things that bring a smile to my face!

De Blob!

It comes out today and I can't wait to play it when I get home!

Lego Batman: The Video Game

Also comes out today, and Lex is all sorts of excited, thanks to these kick-ass McDonalds toys!

Kid Robot Simpsons figures!

I haven't actually found these in stores yet...but it's been a couple weeks since I've made it out to the comic shop. So they're probably just waiting for me.

Cold War Kids * Loyalty to Loyalty

Fucking fantastic album that reaches much farther than their debut did.

Jenny Lewis * Acid Tongue

Again, a terrific follow-up to her incredible first release. I secretly enjoy her solo stuff more than the Rilo Kiley ones.


elBryan said...

I think you're the first person I've met who likes Jenny Lewis's solo stuff... I mean, more than Rilo Kiley.. Their last album wasn't so hot, but Silver Lining and Dreamworld are worth $0.99 each at iTunes..

Have you listened to The Elected..? Jenny Lewis caught my attention, but Blake is the reason I continued listening.. His songs with RK were my favs, but his stuff with the Elected is equally good or better..

Z.Trover said...

I also love Jenny Lewis.

Dude, I have a bunch of those KR Simpsons toys... if I was thinking I would have ordered some extras for you.