I take back every mean thing I've ever said about this woman. Especially after watching the 3rd clip.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Ok, ok...I'm a total fucking liar. She's got an incredible talent in that I actually feel sorry for her and feel for my country's well-being every single time she talks. I mean...Holy shit. How about that amazingly thoughtful "good guys vs bad guys" diplomacy arguement, eh? Who needs nuance in times of war & peace?! Just go with your gut!!! Cause that's reeeeeeeeeally worked out nicely for these past eight years.

Not to mention that it just came out in the news recently that Israel wanted to strike Iran's nuclear facilities earlier this year and BUSH (of all people) told them no! How's that for not "second guessing" them?!

Sarah Palin. When it comes to foreign relations, (and most everything else) she makes Bush look smart.


elBryan said...

On one hand, I've been a little disappointed with the Sarah Palin interviews, but at the same time, I don't think she's been terrible.. For instance, that whole Bush Doctrine thing was pretty stupid.. I asked everyone I knew the next day what the Bush Doctrine was, and no one knew.. Once Charlie Gibson explained it to her, it wasn't like she had never heard of it before..

And then Katie Couric asked Palin if we were heading towards a depression, and Palin said possibly.. Then Couric criticized that response to McCain, saying, "Should Palin be using that kind of language?" even though Katie is the one who said it..

As for her rehearsed answers, you have to put it in the context that she is extremly more conservative than John McCain, and this is HIS race... so she has to be careful not to contradict HIS policies and message..

Meanwhile, you've got Biden telling people that he doesn't want to build any more coal plants in America (which is just simply stupid) and Barack Obama talked about building more in his nomination speech.. He is struggling in Pennsylvania, an important state that Gore and Kerry both won, and Biden is undermining Obama's message..

If Obama wants to build coal plants and Biden doesn't, who do you think makes that decision? So if McCain says he wants to reduce carbon emissions by 60% by 2018, why would Palin say she doesn't believe in Global Warming?

Travis said...

Believe it or not, we're in agreement in that I think she has this unfortunate position of not being able to say what she wants to say, since she has to "tow the line" with McCain's platform.

Like her "Oh, we'll bomb them if we gotta" comment at the pizza place that was captured on the cell phones and spread all over youtube. If McCain didn't cling onto a stupid-ass policy of "not telling other countries our intentions" than she wouldn't have gotten so much heat for that statement.


She has been terrible. The fact that the biggest laughs in the recent SNL skit were simply taken DIRECTLY out of random responses she's made during these interviews...that proves you can't make this any funnier than it already is.

Her crazy "It's about helping the health care reform" answer to the bailout question in that 3rd clip...there's no excuse for that. Sure, she got confused and started to rely on some of the "canned responses" she had been taught, but that's the problem within itself...she relies too much on these pre-packed talking points.

Say what you will about Joe Biden. The man makes tons of mistakes, and flubs each and every time he opens his mouth, but at least he's able to counter that with some serious discussion about the Middle East and foreign relations.

Sarah Palin has yet to proven herself good at speaking about anything.

I think once it's all said and done, the McCain camp will realize forcing her out there, to do these HUGE media interviews, without warming her up with smaller, less hyped ones was the worst idea ever.

You can't keep her off-limits for 20 days and then toss her into the ring with professional journalists and expect her to get a knock-out. That being said, it'd be nice if she was able to even land a punch or two...