elBryan said...

Are you mad at Frank, or do you give him a pass..? There is plenty of blame to go around on all levels, but don't you think short of incarcerating Frank, or even having him resign from office, he should at least step down as Chairman of the Financial Services Committee? The guy is a bad character all around, but this is a serious mistake.. No..?

Travis said...

I wouldn't say I'm "mad" at him, but it wouldn't break my heart of he stepped down from overseeing this committee. I think he shares part of the blame, but to think that things were going so smoothly for the 12 years Republicans oversaw this committee and he comes in and completely let them get away with corruption is a bit much.

You say he's a bad character all around? In way regard?

I think Barney Frank has been a target for the conservatives for years (decades) and this is simply their shot at going after him.

(by the way, the point of me showing this video wasn't to cause sympathy for Barney Frank, it was to showcase Bill O'Reilly's awesome interviewing skills.)