This video was what I saw first, a couple days ago, taken by the CBS News team covering the rally.

He's all smiles, holding onto his Curious George doll around with an Obama 08 bumper sticker wrapped around it's head...until he notices the camera crew staring up at him. He quickly rips the sticker off, stands there like a sweating doofus, looking back and forth, eventually hands the doll to the boy in front of him. It was creepy and send chills down my spine.

...that was until I came across ANOTHER video of this same asshole!!! This time, taken on his way into the Town Hall, and he's talking to the camera and waving it around, as proud as he can be...

This has gotten out of control.

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ObamaRad.com said...

wow. what a fucktard. we need to win this race so people like that stop having a reason to think their racism and bigotry are acceptable.