This is when things start getting interesting. Only 4 weeks until the election, and the campaigns realize that some states are no longer "toss-ups." Well, today the McCain campaign took Michigan off the table. No more advertising, no more campaign stops, it's over.

I'm sure it's just the beginning of the end now. With 3 HUGELY competitive states now swinging in Obama's favor, McCain better hope there's nothing else that could derail his Straight Talk Express.

...oh, except for his Hockey Mom going before a national audience tonight during the VP debate. What's the worst that could happen?!

The good thing is that she reads every newspaper and magazine out there. Yes, ALL of them:

She also thought it would be funny to mention that Joe Biden has been in the Senate for a loooooong time, even though she's running with a 72 year old Grandpa:

And don't get me started on her idea of what we should do with women that have been victims of rape or incest:

She is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

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