She now admitted it was complete bullshit. To think that McCain and Palin actually CALLED this girl, ran with this story, attempted to make it a political issue. They should all be ashamed of themselves. Their race-baiting tactics and getting their supporters wrapped up in paranoid schemes. Is it any wonder she tried this? It NEARLY worked!

This story broke late last night, and at the time, Drudge had it above the headline, attempting to make it TEH BIGGEST STORY EVAR!!!

And hey, with a photo like this, it's no wonder the AP ran with it, hours later:

A knife-wielding man robbed a McCain-Palin campaign volunteer and etched a "B" into her face after he saw a McCain bumper sticker on her car, the woman told Pittsburgh police.

Todd told police she handed the man $60 she had in her pocket and stepped away from him. The man then noticed the bumper sticker on her car, which was parked in front of the ATM, and became angry, she told police.

He made comments to Todd about Republican presidential candidate John McCain and punched her in the back of the head, knocking her to the ground, police said Todd told them.

"He continued to kick and punch her repeatedly and said he would teach her a lesson for supporting John McCain," said police Chief Nate Harper.

The man scratched a backward "B" onto Todd's right cheek, she told police. Todd, who isn't familiar with the area, drove to a friend's house nearby. She told her friend she wasn't sure of the exact location the robbery happened but remembered a green sign above the ATM.

The friend called police and an officer met them at his house. They drove along Liberty Avenue until Todd saw a Citizens Bank ATM that looked familiar, police said.

Police said Todd declined medical treatment at the scene. Her friend, a law student at University of Pittsburgh, said he took her to UPMC Shadyside for treatment.

Police said she described the attacker as black, about 6-foot-4, and said he was wearing dark-colored jeans and a black tank top. She said he had a knife with a 5-inch blade and ran from the scene on foot, Harper said.

But, too much of this "attack" doesn't add up. Luckily, many on the internet are putting together pieces that don't fit together, and the police are giving her a lie detector, so the truth will be revealed shortly.

* The "B" carved into her face is backwards, (although that might have appeared correctly in a mirror?!) and never breaks the skin. What kind of knife did he use? Plastic?!

* You're going to rob someone at 9pm, get the cash, and stick around for another 10 minutes to carve a letter into someone's face? Allowing potential witnesses to see you and for your victim to struggle and make more of a scene? All to make a political statement?! Does that make any sense?

* After this horrible ordeal, she REFUSES medical treatment. Instead, she updates her Twitter account?!

It's a shame that shit like this spreads like wildfire so easily. A white McCain supporter gets assaulted by a black Obama supporter. Who needs anything else? That mother fucker is guilty...even if he doesn't actually exist.

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