Here's a new low for the McCain campaign. This William Ayers-Weather Underground shit was weak from the beginning, but for Sarah Palin to suddenly bring it up again now, a month before the election?! And to question Obama's patriotism a few lines before it?! It's so pathetic and laughable.

Just admit it, you Republican fucks, you simply want people to be afraid of Obama. You're going to rely on fear once again, in hopes of scaring enough people into voting for your candidate. It would be shameful if it would actually work. But not this time, not this year.

Citizens across this great land have had enough of your tactics. They see through this, they realize it's nothing more than a distraction. That's why Jeremiah Wright didn't make that much of an impact. It's the reason this Weather Underground bullshit never stuck. The reason the "he doesn't wear a flag pin" and "not putting his hand over his heart" emails simply faded away after a couple of months.

Because in the end, none of that helps us move this country forward. None of that matters. It's Gay Marriage all over again. A non-issue that doesn't help get anyone a job, health insurance, a helping hand when they're in times of need.

It's just red meat for the kind of people that think chanting "USA USA USA!" proves you love America more than the rest of us.

Well, I have news for you, you don't.

I love this country so much, that I don't need to showcase it. I don't need to act like the troops are on my side, or that God is either. No magnetic ribbon on my car is needed. America isn't my Mother, I don't need to kiss it's ass. I'm secure enough to point out it's flaws, to attempt to make it better, and above all, realize that it doesn't need to be perfect.

So, and I'm really honest here, I hope McCain and his Hockey Mom keep this up. Keep trying to make Obama out to be that "creepy Black guy with a funny name and evil terrorist friends." Go ahead. Run on nothing but negitivity and scare tactics. Give the Amercian people a clear choice on November 4th.

Hope vs. Fear

I like them odds.


Jason Arnett said...

I like the odds, too, but we can't underestimate the power of fear, Travis. We have to keep saying True Things as we go along.

For instance, pointing out that the amount of money spent on the entire war would have given us universal health care for every man, woman and child in the country AND A WHOLE LOT MORE is a good place to start.

You saw Bill Maher this weekend, didn't you? His panel was great.

Cynical Mud Babe said...

BRAVO! I just wish I wasn't so scared of the stupidity of the American people

Anonymous said...

It's funny every time i hear people that criticizes the government and it's policies i can't help remembering a scene in Chaplin, when they are in the Hollywood sign, talking about how Douglas Fairbanks had been asked whether he thought Chaplin was a communist, so after a joke Robert Downey Jr. or Chaplin said "I Criticize it because i love it".

or Steve Rogers Captain America that would Rather follow the American ideals rather than the policies of the country.

Boy if i could have my dream interview to watch in Fox News would be either of these two guys against Bill O'Reilly.

Go Obama.

ObamaRad.com said...

another great post as usual! We can take this one, we just can't let up the fight for even a second.

oh and tinfella - a Steve Rogers Bill O'Reilly debate would be the greatest moment in modern TV news history!