It's an hour of the most incredible, awe inspiriting blend of hope and beats you'll ever hear. And it's completely free.

Pass it around.

Get everyone pumped up.

And quit worrying...

We're going to win this thing.

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elBryan said...

It's refreshing to hear that the Democrats are a little nervous too.. I've been pretty confident about McCain/Palin up until the economic crisis.. Lieberman pointed out today on the radio that he and Gore were down by seven points in 2000 at this point in the race and they came back and "won".. McCain is known for comebacks, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed..

That said, I didn't hear what undecideds needed to hear from McCain tonight.. The networks are giving the debate to McCain, but if McCain doesn't OBVIOUSLY win the debate by zinging Obama, I think Obama holds his ground.. Maybe I'm wrong and slow and steady wins the race..