Well, at least he USED to be...back when John McCain was John McCain and not the "change my mind every other day depending on if it might win me an election" Man he is now.

The bottom line is how utterly absurd this "Obama is a Socialist" talking point has become. Along with the notion that tax cuts for 95% of the American workers is somehow "welfare." We've tried it the other way for too long. Giving tax credits and corporate "welfare" to the top didn't trickle down shit. The wealthy got more wealthy and the poor got more poor. It's time we got our priorities in order and looked out for those in the middle. Focus on the average plumbers, not the ones making $250,000 a year.

And by the way, I was curious just how "massive" this tax raise was going to be for those individuals making OVER $250,000, so I looked it up. I dunno about you, but from all the panic and fear that Republicans had been spewing, I figured it was going to be insanely high. Turns out, it simply goes back to the level it was under Clinton.

It's now at 36%, and Obama's going to raise it to 39%


I really feel for those rich bastards.

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