...and I am funky.

The man is 48 and still is at the peak of his game. Look at that guitar playing, the way he's able to effortlessly hit those high notes...if only he had busted out some "Sexy Motherfucka."


Jason Arnett said...

I watched this during the half-time show last night, and was disppointed. I thought he should have done more of his own material, and whoever mixed the sound needs his eyesight restored, because his ears are done for. I know I saw a drummer behind the Purple One, but for the life of me I couldn't hear him.

I WAS impressed with Prince's guitar-slinging and singing, though. He's still got it.

Travis said...

Really?! Jason, that was easily the best Half Time at the Super Bowl in years. I understand the sound issues, but they set that shit up in mere minutes, it's never going to be perfect.

Maybe you're just getting old...here's a Super Bowl Half Time from your era:


Jason Arnett said...

Oh god, I remember that shit....

I am laughing my ass off, buddy. I guess I'm just in perfectionist mode, as Prince is so much of one himself.

Heh. Thanks for the chuckle. Yeah, it was good, I just wanted it to be better because the kids I work with don't respect Prince.