First, the news story:

SANTA FE, New Mexico (AP) -- Three CD players hidden under a cathedral's pews blared sexually explicit language in the middle of an Ash Wednesday Mass, leading a bomb squad to detonate two of the devices.

Authorities determined the music players were not dangerous and kept the third one to check it for clues, said police Capt. Gary Johnson.

The CD players, duct-taped to the bottoms of the pews, were set to turn on in the middle of noon Mass on Wednesday at the Roman Catholic Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi.

The recordings, made on store-bought blank discs, featured people using foul language and "pornographic messages," Johnson said. He would not elaborate because of the ongoing investigation.

Church staff members took the CD players to the basement and called police, who sent the bomb squad, Johnson said.

The bomb squad blew up two players outside and kept the third one to test for fingerprints or DNA and trace its components, he said.

Now, my petty comments:

Okay, that's a pretty mean prank. I'm not the most religous guy in the world, but duct taping boom boxes under church pews to play "pornographic?!" music is just mean.

...but what is with the bomb squad blowing up ordinary electronic devices lately? There were three CD players and they blew up two before figuring out that they were, you know, CD players. Wouldn't this be seen as a stupid prank the moment "Bitches Ain't Shit" started blasting out of the speakers?!

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