I don't care if she's 54, I adore this woman. She's not only a looker but writes songs that can just pierce your soul. Her latest album WEST just hit stores today and is both beautiful and haunting. Dealing with the loss of her Mother and long time boyfriend, she pretty much wrote 13 somber tunes. Some are more uptempo, some are vengeful, but all are uniquely Lucinda Williams.

She has stated in interviews that Bob Dylan's TIME OUT OF MIND played a heavy influence on this record. Since that is easily one of my favorite albums ever, I was anxious to see what WEST had to offer. While, it doesn't live up to that status, it is indeed a great successor to WORLD WITHOUT TEARS.

And, perhaps because of everything going on lately combined with my hatred of funeral homes in general, this is my personal favorite off the album:


Some think a fancy funeral
Would be worth every cent
But for every dime & nickel
There's money better spent

Better spent on groceries
And covering the bills
Instead of little luxuries
And unnecessary frills


'Cause no amount of riches
Can bring back what you've lost
To satisfy your wishes
You'll never justify the cost

I'll never forget going to the funeral home with my Father after my Mom died. It's such a business. They make you feel cheap if you don't go "all out." It's disgusting and ranks up there with bullshit "I can talk to dead people" scam artists as ways to prey on people's emotions.

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Zachary said...

I love this album. I've been obsessed with Lucinda Williams since I heard her on the Flogging Molly track "factory girls" and tracked down all her records.