Watch this video and let it sink in...

Now, at first I was like, "Wow, what fuckers are troops are." But the more I sat and thought to myself, the painful truth is that the reason they drive down a busy street in Iraq like that is because they have to. IED's could go off anywhere at any time, and honestly our Humvees and troops are just sitting ducks if they're stopped in traffic.

...but what do you think the Iraqis think? No, not the "evil terrrrrorist" ones, I'm talking about the innocent civilians out driving that day or walking down the street. They see this "Asshole America" that bullies their every move.

This war is beyond hopeless. Even if we somehow manage to win militarily, (big if) we'll never be able to gain back the Iraqis trust and respect. Sending another 20,000 troops, (along with another 25,000 support troops which Bush conveniently forgot to mention) isn't going to do anything but make more targets...and more asshole drivers.

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