Not the most current of photos, but one I came across recently. He was my Mother's Father and my Mom was his only daughter. When she died from Cancer back in 1994, it took quite a toll on him and my Nana. I basically became their "family" as they had little to do with my Father after he re-married and my Brother didn't really visit them as much.

They ended up moving about 3 hours South of Kansas City about a year or so after Molly and I got married. Their Sister and Brother lived down there and my Mom had always called it "Down Home." But less than a year after they moved down there, both my Nana's Sister and Papa's Brother passed away and they basically just had each other. Molly and I would visit them about twice a year and hoped that one day they would move back to the city...but it never happened.

Papa developed tumors on his spine a little over a year ago and it spread to his Liver a few months later. My Nana has never driven a day in her life and Papa was scared to think of what would happen if he was to leave her alone. So he fought...for seven long months, he never let his pain or depression get in the way of fighting the disease. Hell, he was still driving them to the hospital up until about three weeks ago. Last night he finally gave in.

So, both my Mother and Papa have Cancer to blame for their all-too-sudden deaths. My Father is currently battling brain tumors and is barely able to walk. Honestly, things look extremely bleak for the next couple of months. I'm so sick of this disease and the fact that it has taken so many family members away from me. I'm 27 folks. Far too young to be without either parent.

...but I'm getting ahead of myself.

As it stands now, My Father is still alive. The ugly truth of what's to come just came closer with the death of my Grandfather. My Papa. It's funny, I used to get teased for calling them "Nana & Papa" back in school. I remember reaching that certain age where I didn't give a fuck and cherished their titles with honor. When Lex gets old enough to have children, I know what Molly and I will expect them to call us...besides Old McMoneybags.

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