Still, it's odd to see the Conservative audience clapping and laughing their asses off...

As Media Matters points out, this isn't the first time Coulter has used gay-bashing to trash Democrats:

As Media Matters for America documented, Coulter called former Vice President Al Gore a "total fag" on the July 27 edition of MSNBC's Hardball, claiming immediately that the comment was "a joke." At the end of the interview, host Chris Matthews said: "Thanks for coming on. And a smart lady. Her book's called Godless. Sometimes being smart isn't enough for a civil discourse. We'd love to have her back."

She called President Clinton a "latent Homosexual."

And she put "even money" on Hillary "coming out of the closet."

Nor is it the first time she's attacked Edwards. Take a gander at this column where she goes after Edwards for talking about his dead son:

Edwards has talked about his son's death in a 1996 car accident on "Good Morning America," in dozens of profiles and in his new book. ("It was and is the most important fact of my life.") His 1998 Senate campaign ads featured film footage of Edwards at a learning lab he founded in honor of his son, titled "The Wade Edwards Learning Lab." He wears his son's Outward Bound pin on his suit lapel. He was going to wear it on his sleeve, until someone suggested that might be a little too "on the nose."

If you want points for not using your son's death politically, don't you have to take down all those "Ask me about my son's death in a horrific car accident" bumper stickers? Edwards is like a politician who keeps announcing that he will not use his opponent's criminal record for partisan political advantage. I absolutely refuse to mention the name of my dearly beloved and recently departed son killed horribly in a car accident, which affected me deeply, to score cheap political points.

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Ryanetics said...

You know I almost feel sorry for her, it must be taxing having to spend all of your time finding pure souls to feed on.