Homosexuals: Immoral.

Firebombing Entire Villages: Totally Awesome in the Eyes of the Lord!

To quote the late, great Bill Hicks (who did this bit back in the early 90's by the way):

"...you never see my attitude in the press, that's what bugs me. You never see my point of view...for instance, 'gays in the military.'

Now, I dunno how you all feel about it, but here's how I feel about it...

Anyone...DUMB ENOUGH...to want to be in the military, should be allowed in. End of fucking story. That should be the only requirement.

I don't care how many push ups you can do...put on a helmet, go wait in that foxhole, and we'll tell you when we need you to kill somebody.

You know, I'm sick of hearing military guys saying, "The 'esprit de corps' will be affected, and we are such a moral.." Excuse me, aren't y'all hired fucking killers? SHUT UP! You are thugs, and when we need you to go blow the fuck outta a nation of little brown people we'll let you know. Until then...shut the fuck up.

Where did the fucking military get all these morals?! "We are the military, is that a village of children and kids? Where's the napalm? (explosion!) I don't want any gay people hanging around me when I'm killing women and kids...eeeeew. I just dont wanna see it!"


Ryanetics said...

That is is effing brilliant! It really can't be said better than that!

Jason Arnett said...

I miss Bill Hicks...

He was so often ON POINT that it's scary you can substitute Bush Jr. for Bush Sr. in his bits.

Anonymous said...

wow. I wish most peoples ignorance could be as black and white as yours. You ever been in the Military? No. Well you have no place to call anyone who joins the military dumb. If you have even looked at a history book you would know that all nations have been born from war. Now I'm not saying that is a good thing it's just a fact. And plenty of horrible things stem from war as well. The very right that allows you to say what you just said about the military was won by soldiers not some guy who has to much time on his hands and just needs something to complain about so all he does is write on a piece of paper, or now days a computer. I really don't think that would have stopped the British do you? Frankly I don't care if gays are in the military if they want to fight for this country they are welcome to. It's there country as well. But for you to call the men and women in the military just killers shows you still have alot of growing up to do and need to get away from your computer more and out of your basement.

Travis said...

Hey Anonymous,

Hate to break it to you, but I didn't write that last rant. See above it, where I say "To quote the late, great Bill Hicks..." Everything after that point would be HIS words, not mine.

And while I certainly wouldn't have used the phrase, "Dumb enough to join the military" I do believe Bill Hicks makes an excellent point.

No, not all in the military are "just killers" but excuse me, that IS basically the job description. They're trained to become killing machines who obey orders and put their country before themselves.

And yes, while we appreciate what they do for us, they're hardly such a "Moral" group of people. We've seen that time and time again, scandals have corrupted the military almost as bad as they have the Catholic church.

The idea that "gays in the military" is even an issue in this day and age is because the Department of Defense is old and "traditional." They don't take to change very well. In fact, it took President Truman to actually let Blacks and Whites serve in the same units! That wasn't very long ago!

...and one last thing, you come on here, on my blog and spew your opinion without leaving your name, or anything about yourself and then bash me for "needing to grow up, get away from my computer and get out of my basement?!" That's insane. No one made you come here, so fuck off if you don't like what I type.