From the very first scene of Locke's flashback, you could tell this was going to be a very interesting episode...

The way they framed that scene of Locke talking to the woman in the Disability Office, with the question of if he was in or out of his wheelchair was a subtle, yet intriguing touch.

Kate, Locke and Sayid (oh, and the French Woman) went off to rescue Jack from The Others. They made it all the way to their "neighborhood" and were close to making their move until they spotted Jack...playing football with The Others? Laughing and smiling?! Perhaps he doesn't want to be rescued? Perhaps he just wants to play the piano?!

Kate ends up making her move, with Sayid playing guard...but Locke. Locke has his own motives. Locke wants Ben to tell him where The Others keep their submarine.

Soon we discover that Jack indeed doesn't want to be "rescued," It's been arranged that him and Juliet will be using the submarine and leaving the island within the hour! Well, they would be if Locke hadn't decided to load the sucker up with explosives and destroy it!

In the end, we learn that Alex thinks her Mother is dead. (She's not, she's actually the French Woman.) That The Others cannot leave the island since "the sky turn purple" (when Desmond blew up the Hatch) and that even if Jack and Juliet had left on the submarine, they never would have found the island again. Ben is constantly manipulating people into doing exactly what he wants them to do. (He actually was glad that Locke destroys the submarine and forces Jack and Juliet to remain on the island. We also learn about a "magic box" that creates "whatever you wish for." Locke had the best line in the entire show after Ben told him about the magic box. "Well, you better hope it's big enough for you to wish for a new submarine!"

But in the end, we learned exactly what happened that caused Locke to end up paralysed for four years before crashing (and being able to WALK?!) on the island. It wasn't pretty and pretty much sealed the deal that his Daddy is one evil mother fucker...

After trying to con yet another family, (Seriously, we all agree that Locke's Dad is the same "Sawyer" that used the con on Sawyer's family, right?) Locke confronts him in his high-rise apartment. Convinced that his Father has killed someone, he demands answers and wants to know why his Dad hasn't called off his phoney wedding to a Millionare. Locke's Father assures Locke that the wedding is called off and when Locke calls his bluff, he allows Locke to call her and confirm it for himself.

Just when Locke picks up the phone and asks, "What's her number?" his Dad rushing towards him fullspeed and pushes him out an 8 story window!!!

But the kicker, the thing that truly turns the blade deeper and just makes your gut go, "Nooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaay!!!" was the final scene. All captured, and being held hostage back at The Other's camp after Locke destroyed the submarine, Ben comes to Locke's cell. He explains to him that he needs to show him something. Perhaps something from the Magic Box? He opens up the door and sitting there, bound to a chair and gagged is The Man From Talahassee?! Locke's Father.

A much deeper explanation and insight is over here. I just loved this episode soooo much that I felt like I had to type something about it. Here's to next week!!!

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