I Don't Wanna Grow Up (one of my favorite songs ever)

Downtown Train (fuck Rod Stewart)

Hold On


Jamie S. Rich said...

Have you seen this:


Travis said...

Holy shit! I have a friend who saw him on their airplane and stood by him while waiting for the luggage, but never bothered him.

If I ever saw the man (ESPECIALLY at a comic convention) I'd have to go up to him and say...something! How could you just let a moment like that pass you by?!

What the hell was he doing at Wondercon? And what can we do to make him show up at San Diego?!

...did I ever tell you how I ran into Weird Al at San Diego once? I was waiting in line for some food and he comes wandering by. I was like, "Hey...AL?!" (what should you call him?) He came over, stole some of my french fries and kept walking the floor.

It was surreal.