Drop whatever you're doing this very second and go see Batman Begins. Seriously, it's THAT good!

"Yeah yeah, but Travis you're a giant comic book nerd, so isn't your opinion biased?!"

Who you calling a comic book nerd?! What, just because I dressed up in my "Batman & Robin" nipple batsuit I automatically have a bias? Fuck you for judging me!

...ahem...anyway. I was amazed at how well of a film Christopher Nolan made here. His other pictures, (Memento, Insomniac) were terrific, but this was a "SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER!" Surely he couldn't keep the same level of character development and also have dem biggin' explosions at the same time, right?! It flows incredibly well. Hell, Batman himself doesn't show up until about halfway through the movie...and that's a GOOD thing. Nolan does an amazing job of keeping everything leveled in reality and grounded. When you're dealing with a man dressing up in a batsuit and fighting bad guys, it's easy to just go campy. (See Joel Shittybacker's versions for proof of that.)

Molly and I went to the Drive-In to see it. It had been about a decade since either one of us had been and I think it had been about the same amount of time since they had touched the screen. But hey, it adds to the nostalgic feel, right?! I guess it's pretty common place now, but instead of the speakers on poles, you can dial a certain radio station and listen to the film in your car, which was awesome! (I wanted to remember what that station was so we could listen to other movies as we just drove around town, but the signal only worked inside the Drive-In...figures!)

So seriously, go see Batman! It'll make you want to go out and buy all the new toys...Especially the Batmobile! (Like I don't buy them anyway...)


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