Alright, lemme just finish up the Birthday Adventure real quick. After riding the Mamba in the first car, the Timber Wolf (a good ol' wooden coaster) seemed like child's play. But don't think for a second I didn't consider jumping towards the Chicken Exit.

Okay, I didn't really, but it seriously doesn't look like much compared to the Mamba. However, it's bumpy as a motherfucker and amazingly I took pictures throughout the 2 minutes of dddeathhh... (yes that's my finger in one of them...sue me, it was hard enough to hold on to the damn thing!!!)

We went on tons of other stuff, but honestly I felt like a god damn tourist as it was. "Oooh, big, tall Roller Coaster! I love America!!!"

As for the rest of the Birthday Week, tonight is all about going to see War of the Worlds at the drive-in and tomorrow is First Friday! Both of those involve just me, Molly and the baby, so I know everyone will at least show up for that! :)


cml said...

don't you think that every place should have a chicken exit? especially places like work, home and family functions.

Travis said...


That would be awesome...

"Sorry, Uncle Larry, I'm going to make a run for the Chicken Exit and not listen to your drunken ramblings at this family reunion any longer!"