Tuesday the 28th is my Birthday. I'll be 26 and I feel so much older. I'm so out of shape, it's sad. What happened to my metabolism? I used to eat nothing but french fries and chicken nuggets and not gain a pound...now I'm like ten pounds away from wearing a t-shirt when i go out to the pool! WHEN DID I BECOME SO OLD?!

I try and ride my bike and get in a lil' excercise every week, but I still eat whatever I want and drink Cherry Coke like it's laced with Crack. Ugh. I don't wanna go on a diet. Diets are for old people! I'm young! I'm full of energy! I'm...lying to myself. :)

Oh well, maybe 26 isn't that bad. 25 was okay. I had my baby when I was 25. (not ME exactly, but you know...) Perhaps 26 will get me the fuck out of my dead end job?! I got to get a better job before I get really old...like 30 or something!

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