We all loved "The Sweater Song" and the Blue Album in general, but now you're nothing more than a parody of what you used to be. Just when I think that "Beverly Hills" is the saddest excuse for a Weezer song ever, you release "We're All On Drugs." Wow. That ones sucks even worse!

Listen, I know you guys became this Urban Myth since you were gone for about a decade, but you are making yourself look silly. It's like you're trying to become lame and unoriginal. STOP. For the love of God, just stop and give up for another 10 years. Then come back, make one last album and go out with some dignity.

All my best,


Ty said...

alright. so heres the deal.. me and my friend are in a HUGE fight that has been going on for about 3 months now. he loves weezer and i love coheed and cambria. he thinks weezer is way better than coheed and i think coheed is way better. he says weezer has more talent than coheed... YEA RIGHT! coheed has like the most fuckin talent ive seen.
i play drums and have been for 2 years now. when i listin to weezer and hear what thier drummer can do... that is fuckin lame. all he does is do a beat the who fuckin time. no fills or anything. just beats. maybe like 1 or 2 fills a song but they are so simple. i can play like eery song on the blue album.
Comment and tell me witch band is better. coheed or weezer?


Ty said...