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Bush to tout 'clear strategy' for Iraq
President to address nation from Army base

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- With his approval rate sinking, President Bush is set Tuesday to address the nation about his "clear strategy" in war-torn Iraq while key Democrats will look for signs the president is willing to shift some policies.

Bush will mark the anniversary of the U.S. handover of sovereignty to Iraqis with a speech at 8 p.m. ET before a military audience at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

"I think we have a clear strategy for success," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said Monday. "He's going to be talking in a very specific way about what that strategy is. It's an opportunity for the American people to hear about the strategy."

He added, "The president made it clear after September 11 that some will want us to grow complacent and forget about, or put the attacks off as a distant memory. But it does require patience and resolve to see this struggle through to the end. We have no option but to defeat the terrorists, and the terrorists will be defeated."


He only does these like once a year, I feel honored. Believe it or not, I love them. Seriously. I hate the fucker and think that every word that comes out of his mouth is complete bullshit...but I love watching him trying to talk to people. And I do mean, trying.

I mean, c'mon...you're just NOW going to tell America about your clear strategy?! What the fuck have you been doing for the past two years?!

I just bought a D.L. Hugley comedy CD today and he makes a good point. "I don't want a President who I could beat in a Spelling Bee." There's a lot of truth in that. The man is horrible in front of crowds, and especially on television. Oh, and the fact his poll numbers are in the lower 40%'s is even better! He might shit himself right there in front of everyone!

Should be fun!

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