I am soooooo tired of this pathetic tactic the conservative movement in this country keep trying to ram down our throats. Basically it comes down to, "Say it enough and it becomes true." Just like, "Liberal Media." You ask random people on the street and I guarantee most would just nod. Because that is all the conservatives need to do to help discredit whatever the latest news report is.

"Bomb Kills 80 in Iraq."
Psssssh, there the liberal media goes again! How come they never report the good news?

"Bush's Poll Numbers Hit New Low."
That's just because the poll was done by CNN and they're a bunch of liberals.

It doesn't matter what the news is, if you say that the source is the problem, you win every time!!!

Now we have President Bush joining in on the fun. Iraq isn't going as the media would like you to believe. Luckily, Keith Olbermann is there to put things in perspective. But keep in mind, he's one of those Pinko Liberal Commies that the conservatives warn you about...


I love Jack Cafferty

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