There's a next-gen system out there that you may have heard about...XBOX 360. Anyway, it's got superior graphics, amazing sound and this online beast of a set-up. But I ain't going to buy it. I have absolutely no interest in it at all. I never bought an XBOX cause I already had a PS2 and figure I can just wait until the PS3 hits stores later this year.

Then I read that Rockstar (the developers behind Grand Theft Auto, Midnight Club, basically really, really cool games) were in the works on a XBOX 360 EXCLUSIVE GAME!

...hmmm, that raised my eyebrows. If you've ever played any of their games, you know the commitment to quality and amazing gameplay they bring to the table. I would honestly consider buying a machine if they had an exclusive game (GTA used to be exclusive to Playstation) for the XBOX system.

Then today, the game is revealed. Here.

That's right...a PING PONG game?!

I cannot stop laughing. That is easily the stupidest thing I've ever seen.

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