With everything about Lucinda Williams. Her lyrics, her voice, and by all means, she's beautiful. But god damn, she writes the most heart-wrenching songs you'll ever have the pleasure of listening to. Molly and I were lucky to check out her rare acoustic tour tonight and both of us loved every minute of it. She played songs across her entire catalog and showcased plenty of new material. Many mentions of "bare with us, we haven't tried this one yet" echoed throught the theater and the crowd relished every single moment. (Although oddly enough, Molly and I were the YOUNGEST people there. A sold-out crowd where, I'm not kidding, the average age was probably 47?! I always tell people that I don't FEEL 26 and I guess my musical tastes back that up...)

Anyway, if you have the chance, catch her on this unique tour. Or pick up her latest album LIVE AT THE FILLMORE. You'll thank me later.

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Duane said...

My parents are big fans of Lucinda Williams and I agree that she's great, too. Even though she and her audience are an older demographic, one listen to bands such as the local staple The Gaslights shows that her influence isn't lost on the younger set.